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Guild Policies

The <Lose Your Life> under your name is more than just a tag - it is our badge of honor. Your actions and words are a direct reflection of the guild as a whole.

Avoid unnecessary swearing in text and voice chat. Do not make slanderous remarks against race, gender, sexual preference or religion. Chatting in public channels is fine being a troll is not.

Attendance Policy 

We understand real life happens but we encourage you to have 100% raid attendance. Raiding is a group effort and it takes cooperation and commitment from everyone to operate effectively.

Should your raid attendance fall below 80% we will consider replacing you. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

We track attendance over the course of 2 month periods via Warcraft Logs.

Should you be absent, late or gone for an extended period of time please make sure to post in our #mia text channel on our discord server.

Raid Policies 

  • Be on time! Invites start at 5:45 pm server time and first pull is at 6:00 pm server time
  • Sim your toon regularly
  • Research upcoming fights and review #strategy_talk on discord
  • You must be on Discord Voice during raid - No exceptions
  • No side talk during boss fights
  • Know why you died and correct it

Required Addons
Deadly Boss Mods
VEM Voice Pack
Weak Auras
Exorsus Raid Tools

You are expected to run the recommended competitive raiding spec and talents for your class.

Loot Rules
We believe in the concept of fair play and teamwork, we ask that when rolling on loot someone has offered up thru the personal loot system that you only roll on 1 item per boss for your main spec.

OS/Transmog roll should be used when no MS toon can benefit from that loot.

Do not whisper your teammates with "You need that?" after loot is picked up.