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Guild Policies

The <Lose Your Life> under your name is more than just a tag - it is our badge of honor. Your actions and words are a direct reflection of the guild as a whole.

Avoid unnecessary swearing in text and voice chat. Do not make slanderous remarks against race, gender, sexual preference, or religion. Chatting in public channels is fine being a troll is not.

Attendance Policy 

We understand real life happens but we encourage you to have 100% raid attendance. Raiding is a group effort and it takes cooperation and commitment from everyone to operate effectively.

Should your raid attendance fall below 80% we will consider replacing you. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

We track attendance over the course of 2 month periods via Warcraft Logs.

Should you be absent, late, or gone for an extended period of time please make sure to post in our #mia text channel on our discord server.

Raid Policies 

  • Be on time! Invites start at 5:45 pm server time and first pull is at 6:00 pm server time
  • Sim your toon regularly
  • Research upcoming fights and review #strategy_talk on discord
  • You must be on Discord Voice during raid - No exceptions
  • No non-boss-related chatter during the pull, so tanks/healers and the raid lead can communicate effectively 
  • Know why you died and correct it
  • We take a 10 min break 1 hr into the raid - try to save your afk-ing for then

Required Addons
Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs
Weak Auras
Method Raid Tools

You are expected to run the recommended competitive raiding spec and talents for your class.

πŸ‘›Loot RulesπŸ‘›
We believe in the concept of fair play and teamwork, and we ask that when rolling on loot you follow these rules.

- Mains > Alts always

Main Raid Team
Loot will be distributed using the in-game Need/Greed system
 - Need is for MAIN SPEC UPGRADES 
 - Greed is for  OFFSPEC & SIDEGRADES
             Once on farm Greed can be used for TRANSMOG.

Need Wins **Per Difficulty** N/H/M
- 1 Tier piece
- 1 Rare piece 
- 3 pieces of Non Tier/Rare 

**Greed wins do not count against this limit.**

🎲 Need Rolls
- Mainspec = What you play in raid, and this item is for use in raid.
     -If it's an item you won't use in raid but will in M+/PVP, it isn't a mainspec item.
    - 1%+ Upgrade

πŸͺ™Greed Rolls 
- Anything for mainspec that isn't 1%+ throughput gain
- Raid Offspec For people that play off-roles, like a dps item for a healer/tank that flexes in raid
  - M+ / PVP - Regardless of whether it is for what your main spec in raid is.

πŸ‘™ Transmog save these rolls for after the raid is on farm

Loot Rules - Standbys / Alts / Friends
Greed rolls only on all loot
Recipes & Patterns
1st drop - Guild Crafter
2nd drop - Sell for Gbank funds
3rd drop - FFA

Equip if need>Open to the guild to equip if needed>Sell for Gbank funds