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Application FAQ

Application FAQ

Q: Do I need logs to apply?
A: If you are applying to RAID with us yes. If you do not have logs, we are far more likely to pass on your application. We need proof of your ability. This saves both of us time.

If you are applying to be a SOCIAL member you do not need logs.

Q: What do you mean by 80% attendance?
A: Short answer, don't miss raids.

Long answer, we have a limited raid schedule and because of that missing more than 1 raid a month can really hurt the team during progression.

We understand real life happens and as long as you post you are going to miss a raid(s) nothing detrimental will occur.

Q: How does your trial period work?
A: Once you start raiding with us you will be a trial member for 2 weeks. You have 4 raids to prove to us you have what it takes to wear the <LYL> tag. Missing a raid automatically extends your trial period by one week.

Once you've completed your trial period the GM, Co-GM, Officers, and Legionnaires will vote to promote, remove, or extend your trial period.

Q: How are you handling loot now that everything is personal loot?
A: All loot is your own, should you wish to offer your piece to the rest of the team we ask that you do a public roll. We ask for a public roll to help keep things fair and transparent for everyone.

We will never ask you to give up your loot to another team member.