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Application FAQ

Application FAQ

Q:  What do you expect of raiders?
-Sim your toon to find the best gear
-1 weekly m+ is encouraged but not required
-Research your class and stay up to date on its changes
-Research upcoming fights and review ⁠#strategy_talk✍ on discord
-Come prepared, enchants/gemmed, food, potions, phials etc. 
(We provide a cauldron of Phials/Potions per night)
-Maintain good attendance
-Know why you died and correct it

Q: Do I need logs to apply?
A: It is preferred if you are applying to raid with us BUT I'm not saying we can't be swayed by other achievements such as raider io score etc. 

If you are applying to be a SOCIAL member you do not need logs.

Q: How does your trial period work?
A: Once you start raiding with us you will be a trial member for 2 weeks. You have 4 raids to prove to us you have what it takes to wear the <LYL> tag. Missing a raid automatically extends your trial period by one week.

Once you've completed your trial period the GM, Officers, and Raid Council will vote to promote, remove, or extend your trial period.

Q: I need to miss a raid, what do I do?
A: Post in our #MIA channel on Discord to let the team know you won't be able to make it. 

We understand real life happens and as long as you communicate with us your raid spot is secure.

Q: How are you handling loot?
A: We use the in-game need/greed system to distribute loot

TLDR - Need Wins Per Weekly Raid Clear
- 1 Tier piece
- 1 Rare piece 
- No limit on loot that is not Tier or Rare

Recipes & Patterns
1st drop - Guild Crafter
2nd drop - Sell for Gbank funds
3rd drop - FFA

Please see our Guild Policies page for more in-depth info