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Lose Your Life EPGP System v1.6 February 2016

For a detailed overview of the system please visit the official site at http://www.epgpweb.com/help/system

The Basics

EPGP is a DKP like system that awards EP (Effort Points) for raids, bounty, and bonuses to be spent on GP (Gear Points).  Loot priority is determined by PR (Priority) which is the quotient of the two (PR=EP/GP).  An additional component to EPGP is a decay over time on both the EP and GP.  Other factors include Minimum EP, which is the minimum EP required to loot.  Finally there is Base GP, since you can’t divide by zero, it is set higher than zero and used to control the growth of PR.

LYL will be using the following configuration of EPGP

  • 100 EP per hour. Note: Due to some communication issues EP is awarded at the beginning and end of the raid.  100 at the beginning and 200 at the end.
  • 100 EP bonus for those there at the start of the raid and 100 EP bonus for those there at the end of the raid.
  • GP will used the set EPGP values detailed below.
  • Decay is set at 10% per week to be done after the last raid of the week and before the raid of the next week.
  • Minimum EP is 2000 to bid on an item.
  • Base GP will start at 1000.
  • Players who miss 4 consecutive raids (2 weeks worth) will have their EP reset for the remainder of the tier and can lose their spot on the raid roster.

EPGP is all stored in game, but a nightly extract will be placed on the website.  To view EPGP you are expected to download the EPGP mod at http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp-dkp-reloaded

To speed up the loot rolling we also use another mod, EPGPLootmaster.  Please download it from http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/epgp_lootmaster

Awarded EP

  • 100 EP per hour.
  • Start and end raid bonuses
  • Bonus points MAY be awarded for first time Boss kills or for particularly tough Raids.
  • Standby EP
  • Bounty EP

Standby EP

If you are on the official Standby List and DO NOT make it into the Raid, you will be awarded FULL EP for the night.  However, if you are needed in ANY capacity and you are not readily available, you will not be awarded EP.  The following include some examples of earning no EP:

  • Unavailable when a Raid spot opens for any reason (AFK, PvP-ing, PuG-ing, at the bar)
  • You are missing during a random availability check

The raid leader or EPGP admin will place in guild chat “Raid is now full PST for standby EP” at raid START TIME.  It is YOUR responsibility to inform the raid leader or EPGP admin that you would like to receive standby EP. You have 5 minutes in order to receive standby EP, after which you are not eligible for EP.  Please do not send a tell 5 minutes or later into the raid asking for standby EP.

Farming Bounty

Some weeks there will be a Bounty for farming specific materials necessary for the Guild’s success in Raids.  Refer to the EPGP Farming Bounty link for specifics on which materials currently qualify for the Bounty.

Loot & Bidding Rules

Formulas & Crafting Items

  • Dropped formulas will be assigned to Guild crafters at the discretion of the officers.
  • Disenchanted materials will go to the LYL Bank.  There will be no EPGP cost.
  • BOE crafting materials will be gathered by the Officers to outfit key characters to increase the success percentage of our Raids.

Who can bid on what?

If you can equip it, you can bid on it.  We do suggest you understand your class and spec and know what your Best In Slot items are for the current tier. If you are found to be rolling on items that are not optimized for your class and spec you will be sat until the officers feel you have done your homework on what gear is best. 

GP Cost

LYL will be using the built in values for items.  The GP value is available in the item’s tooltip if you are using the EPGP mod. This is based on the item level and equipping slot for each item as follows:

= 0.483 x 2 ilvl/26 x slot mod

Equipping Slot


2H Weapon


1H Weapon Head


Chest, Legs


Shoulder, Hands, Waist, Feet, Trinket


Wrist, Neck, Back, Finger, Off-hand, Shield, Ranged Weapon, Wand



NOTE: At times certain instances may be retired.  At this point all EPGP rules are in effect except cost will be reduced or made free, this is at the discretion of the EPGP Admin.


Loot Priority



GP Cost


Best In Slot | highest Current GP over the Minimum EP



Minor Upgrade | Highest Current GP over the Minimum EP

3 Off Spec | FFA Random 100 for all eligible rollers 20%
4 TMog/ReRoll |FFA Random 100 for all eligible rollers Free

Alts & Loot

Alts are not allowed to roll against a Main.  If no mains roll for MS or OS then an alt (if present) is allowed to ROLL, highest roll will receive loot free rather than DE'ing the item.



  • Invite priority will be given based on rank.




Guild Master, Immortal, and Officer










  • Invites start 15 minutes before the Raid start time.  Better be on time if you want in.  Standby and open invites will start 5 minutes before the firt pull start time.
  • Sometimes you may be asked to leave the Raid for another player to give the Raid a better chance at success.  You will still accumulate full EP (assuming you’re online and available).


  • Raiding Officials (MT, Raid Leader, EPGP Admin) are guaranteed a spot.
  • In some cases, key players will be allowed to come late to a Raid if it is arranged beforehand.
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em