Guild Ranks

Guild Ranks

You will start off as a Trial. While you are a Trial you will have full rights as a Guild member, accumulate EPGP, attend Raids and roll on any applicable loot. After 4 weeks your status will be reviewed and you will be promoted, released or given more time to prove you are LYL material.

As you spend more time in the Guild and prove yourself an active member of the community (both in-game and in the forums) you will see more promotions.

Immortal: Requires Authenticator
This is the rank for Assistant Guild Masters and the alts of the Guild Master. More less same as the rank of the Guild Master but just more noobish.

Officer: Requires Authenticator
Where the real magic happens with the guild. Players in this rank have given a blood oath to LYL and usually work more then they play. They are the people running raids, handling the recruiting, booting people for being total noobs, and just about everything else.

Legionnaire: Requires Authenticator
These players have shown their loyalty to the guild with exceptional performance and attitudes. This is the highest rank available to raiders.

Special Abilities - They have access to the Legionnaire forums where they help vote on Trial members promotions.

Centurion: Requires Authenticator
This rank represents our Elite raiders. They are able to maintain 90% raiding schedule and offer excellent skill of their class.

Infantry: Requires Authenticator
This rank represents our not quite hardcore but not quite casual raider. They often have have a life outside of WoW.

This rank represents our Friends & Family invites and players who could potentially be raiders.

Promotions - Talk to one of the Officers about taking a more active role in raiding. We will need to see some dedication in attendance and ability to play your class at the levels required for the raid.

These are our newest members of the guild. This is their time to shine and show LYL what you are made of. After approximately four weeks Legionnaires, Officers, and the GM will vote on either promoting, staying a Trial, or removal from the guild. You must have maintained 100% raid attendance to be considered for promotion, barring real life emergencies.

If you have questions please send a message to SugarVenom in game or on this website.

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