Code of Conduct

The <Lose Your Life> under your name is more than just a tag - it is our badge of honor. Your actions and words are a direct reflection on the Guild as a whole. Don't let your Guild mates down.

Avoid unnecessary swearing in text and voice chat. DO NOT make slanderous remarks against race, gender, sexual preference or religion.

Chatting in trade is fine spamming unnecessary comments in trade is not. Starting a flame war with a trade troll is also frowned upon.



It is inevitable that on occasion you will feel a policy or Guild decision could be better. You are expected and encouraged to voice your concerns on the forums, to the GM or an Officer. Present your concerns in a mature fashion and it will be given the appropriate attention.

Ninja Looting

Do not engage in this behavior in any form under any circumstance. Ever.

Sharing Accounts

Some members share their accounts with friends and family. Be aware that you will be held accountable for their actions.

Inter-Guild Crafting and the Bank

We try to keep everyone outfitted in-house as best we can. If you need something please ask for it in Guild chat or here in the forums. We don't charge for MANY of the inter-guild items that are crafted or looted. Conversely, if you have some green items, herbs, ore, leather, etc. that you are going to get rid of please offer them to who is online or put them in the guild deposits tab. We're all on the same team and being in LYL isn't about fleecing other members to pad your pockets. Also, some crafting items are EXPENSIVE and the crafter will ask for assistance in either gold or material form.

Lower Level Character Help

It's OK to ask for help but help is a privilege. Be thankful when it comes. Be understanding when it doesn't.


We'd like to have everyone happy with and be part of a long-running internet team. However, you may at some point decide to leave for various reasons. Should that occur please note that any accumulated EPGP is wiped. Your chances of rejoining are improved if you leave on good terms.


Your membership may be terminated for any of the following

-Ninja looting 

-Selling BoE Items that you paid for with EPGP
-Applying to other Guilds. LYL is focused on the members that are here long term. If you apply to other Guilds the message you send is that you are not happy with LYL, which is absolutely fine. This is a game and you should find a home that makes you happy. Meanwhile, we don’t want to waste any Guild resources on somebody that isn’t committed to the team and you will be removed from LYL.

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