Attendance Policy

We understand real life happens but we encourage you to have 100% raid attendance. Raiding is a group effort and it takes cooperation and commitment from everyone to operate effectively.

Should your raid attendance fall below 90% we will consider moving you to standby for the mythic roster.

We track attendance over the course of 2 month periods via Warcraft Logs. You can view this information anytime on Warcraft Logs under attendance > For all Zones > Current raid team name to see your %. The team name will change every two months to better track attendance.

Should you be absent, late or gone for an extended period of time please make sure to post in our #mia text channel on our discord server. 

  • Players who miss 4 consecutive raids (2 weeks worth) will have their EP reset for the remainder of the tier and can lose their spot on the raid roster.

Standby EP

If you are on the official Standby List and DO NOT make it into the Raid, you will be awarded FULL EP for the night.  However, if you are needed in ANY capacity and you are not readily available, you will not be awarded EP.  The following include some examples of earning no EP:

  • Unavailable when a Raid spot opens for any reason (AFK, PvP-ing, PuG-ing, at the bar)
  • You are missing during a random availability check / EPGP Award Session

The raid leader or EPGP admin will place in guild chat “Raid is now full PST for standby EP” at raid START TIME.  It is YOUR responsibility to inform the raid leader or EPGP admin that you would like to receive standby EP. You have 5 minutes in order to receive standby EP, after which you are not eligible for EP.  Please do not send a tell 5 minutes or later into the raid asking for standby EP.

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